The judicial proceeding is going in Stockholm above the Pirate Bay, the biggest filesharing service in Internet. It is not judging of Pirate Bay, it is judging of the whole Internet.

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The Pirate Bay shares files

The Pirate Bay shares files as much as web hosts share files: technically speaking, files are shared over the Internet and these entities are involved within that process. Apart from various documents, the Pirate Bay shares one type of file: pointers to bittorrent file swarms.

The point I'm trying to make is that the Pirate Bay doesn't directly infringe on copyright as they don't share anything other than: pointers to people that share files. The Pirate Bay team aren't unauthorised file sharers because they aren't doing any unauthorised sharing!! The Pirate Bay is being taken to court on the grounds that they feature (or otherwise distribute) torrent links. This is like being charged for selling illicit drugs when all you've done is make a sign that points to someone that sells illicit drugs.

The decisions of this case would have large repercussions for Internet freedom worldwide as it could be used as precedent for the entertainment industry to bend society to its will.

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Re: The Pirate Bay shares files

Yes, I fully agree with everything you say! But, let's look: entertainment industry "losses" millions of dollars and they know that it is because of (in current point of view) BitTorrent network. They just simply can not punish users as it is very difficult, and the only target of punishment is of course Pirate Bay. Afair Pirate Bay was raided twice by police. And in both of them court of course could not do anything against Bay. Again... it is poor EI.

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