With Wal-Mart reporting that it is sold out of the Everex gPC -- a $200 Linux-based desktop -- some are suggesting that a new day for Linux is dawning. But, said analyst Greg Sterling, if initial gPC buyers find that not being able to run Microsoft Office is problematic, the excitement around the $200 Everex computer could soon dissipate.

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If a buyer is already familiar

If a buyer is already familiar with Microsoft Office to such an extent that they want it on their own machine, then I do not think they will actually buy the Everex offering. Most users of basic computing I have come across know what a word processor is, and are quite *happy* to use a simplified version - even relieved! Anyway, there is so much web based, fashionable activity offered with gOS in such a simple straightforward way that they will not want to start using a windows machine like their friends have. Most users of windows machines are frightened of them. The non techie users anyway.

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