Last week, on the new MacHaxor site, I explained how to create an encrypted disk image on a mac, but there are similar tools available for Linux. TrueCrypt allows you to make all kinds of encrypted containers, but one of the most interesting is a hidden partition.

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Warning: This article covers freedom restricting software

TrueCrypt is NOT free software. It is proprietary.

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It would be great if you could be more specific

From what I can see (bearing in mind that I am not a lawyer) the FSF's four freedoms are not taken away by the Truecrypt license. /If/ you modify "Truecrypt" and wish to (re)distribute your version you can't call it "Truecrypt". I don't think that removes your 4 freedoms though. It's a bit like the Firefox/Iceweasel situation. Unless I'm missing something.

Here's a rant about it:


...which still doesn't point out where one of the 4 freedoms has been removed. It could be argued that this has been done for reasons of liability and to uphold the integrity of the Truecrypt developers should you break something using code that has been modified by someone other than them.

Happy to be corrected

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This software is useless for carrying on a USB drive as it requires administrator rights to even start it up!

FreeOTFE and FreeOTFE Explorer (http://www.FreeOTFE.org/) are a *lot* better

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