Recent conversations with knowledgeable colleagues has recently reached a point where it is difficult to have a rational conversation about any aspect of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software without having to invoke an entire other discipline to speak about it. As well, the lines of demarcation between EMR software engineering, law, licensing, economics, politics and public policy has now become so intertwined that it is becoming nearly impossible to tell where one ends and another begins. A nexus may have formed in which these are inextricably linked.

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Oh! This is a long history :) On

Oh! This is a long history :)

On Care2x[1] by now we use EMR, and HXP[2] and HL7[3] to share data but the future may be rather diferent to solve this issues.

On Care3G[4] we are planning to use some modular abstraction that allow people to create the kind of medical record they want with the standard they want and it will be one of the hardest things to pull out.

By the end we may have something usable mixing both project's options.

[1] http://www.care2x.org/
[2] http://hxp.sourceforge.net/
[3] http://pear.php.net/package/Net_HL7/
[4] http://www.care3g.org/

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One of the most technically broad

One of the most technically broad and connected in many ways for the United States is the Veterans Affairs VistA software which the WorldVistA organization is coordinating in the private sector with CCHIT certification etc. WorldvistA's website is http://worldvista.org

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