We reported a month ago that Unigine Heaven on Linux is still trash with the ATI driver so Unigine Corp is continuing to hold off on releasing the Unigine Heaven tech demo with the OpenGL renderer that supports hardware tessellation until there is a good Catalyst release. Unigine Heaven was released for Windows 7 back in October on this operating system's launch day using a DirectX 11.0 renderer, but buggy Linux drivers have held back the public Linux-OpenGL build. We have been fortunate to run Unigine Heaven on Linux internally and it's a beautiful tech demo / benchmark to say the least even without a bug-free tessellation experience.

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Not Free Software

Unigine is non-free software. What this means is that Unigine fails to respect the users' essential freedoms. This fsdaily.com website is all about the promotion of free software. I voted this down because I can't find anything either promotes free software nor promotes society to consider and value their freedom.

Freedom respecting alternatives to this would include Crystal Space and Blender.

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