I have been working on providing Microsoft Exchange capability for Akonadi on-and-off for a while.There is an emerging problem though: GPLv2 and GPLv3 are not compatible. My code is fine - it is "GPLv2 or later". The incompatibility is that Qt is released under GPLv2 (not "or later")

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If he had thought this though,

If he had thought this though, he would have known that the blame is Trolltechs. Anyone who uses GPL without "or any later version", will cause this problem.

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It is chicken-and-egg to say this

It is chicken-and-egg to say this is Trolltech's problem. The last time the GPL was changed, FLOSS was a much smaller community. There will naturally be problems trying to mix v2 and v3 now. It is not easy for projects with large communities to change form v2 to v3 so there will be a large number that do not. Will GNU/Linux fork? What a pity! This is playing into the hands of M$ who rattled the software non-patent sabre and FLOSS blinked/danced/whatever. The two or more licences will cause a pause in development/distribution/growth just at the time M$ is having a disaster with Vista. It should be a great opportunity for Linux but we live in interesting times.

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