Posting bellow follows recent submission of Stefano Stabelinni to xen-devel mailing list. Add to /root/rpmbuild/SOURCES new patch callback_4.0.patch to implement event channel for HVM DomUs at Xen 4.0. Rebuild xen rpms, updating xen.spec correspondently and reinstall rpms performing hot upgrade of Xen 4.0 Hypervisor. Then reboot. Create for instance Ubuntu Lucid HVM and build 2.6.34 kernel on DomU per Stefano

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What is an advantage of PV on HVM ?

Per Stefano Stabellini :-
A PV on HVM kernel doesn't need to be a special kernel: your pvops
kernel that can be used as native kernel or PV kernel can also be used as PV on HVM kernel just adding CONFIG_XEN_PLATFORM_PCI.
PV on HVM support is good mainly for performances of 64 bit guests and
simplicity of installation.

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