In one of my previous blog entries about a Dell Support issue some of the comments suggested that the reason we were in this mess was because of the inflexible nature of the Linux kernel.

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You mean to say that drivers should be free

Please stop using terminology like "open and/or closed source" when discussing this issue. By using the "Open Source" talking points, we avoid discussing freedoms 0-3 and are left to only focus on practical aspects of the wares which of course, are open to manipulation and are just a moving target anyway. RMS provides a clear and well thought out explanation on why our choice of words is too important to ignore:


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He actually means to say

He actually means to say that the drivers should be open source. One possible reason for using this terminology is because this person is an advocate for open source and not for software freedom. If this is the case, he actually wants to avoid the points about freedom and focus only on the practical aspects that are associated with freedom. It is possible that he is ignorant about freedom and so, he wouldn't know about advocating for freedom.

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Agreed, but...

I understand completely how people have been conditioned into supporting the open source agenda while overlooking the free software movement. Regardless, it is important to point out this irony whenever it displays itself and to educate people on the long term benefits and empowerment of free software over the short term pragmatic talking points of the open source agenda.

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