"...So much effort still seems to be put into porting prorietary garbage like .NET to GNU, and producing a Gnome windowing environment which has all the faults of MS-Windows. Why not concentrate on producing something better. Emacs is far nicer to work with than GNOME. So why the interest in making Emacs fit in to this inferior MS-Windows like environment. Why not make GNOME work more like Emacs. Whats the point of a C based GTK it you don't use it through a Lisp like layer? Why is so much of my Gnome configuration buried in zillions of directories filled with ugly XML files. Why can't I query it with simple REPL? I don't have problems with porting Emacs to Vista. My problem is with
this strong desire to port Vista to GNU."

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GNOME was initially based on Scheme

RMS: « I agree with you there. The sad thing is that GNOME was initially based on Scheme, and it was possible to do these things. They do not listen to me much, so I save my efforts with them for the issues that are essential to our campaign for freedom. » -- source:
* http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2008-07/msg01324.html

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Why this get voted

Why this get voted down?
*Copyright creates monopolies. Copyleft promote the free market.

*"Monopoly corrupts. Absolute monopoly corrupts absolutely"-- http://againstmonopoly.org

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Sawfish is written in Lisp, and it is already a featureful window manager.
It has been brought to life some time ao.. I think there should be more contributing to it, as it has the potential to end up being a really good window manager.

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