What good is that portable PC if you can’t type anywhere and anytime? With its ultra-compact keyboard, even touch typing pros will be hard-pressed to avoid frequent mistakes on when the lights go out. Clearly, a keyboard backlight like those found in higher-end laptops is the answer to your nocturnal Eee PC typing woes.

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Single Handed Dvorak Layout

I've trained myself to use the left handed Dvorak layout. This keyboard layout is so different to the qwerty layout that you're forced to memorise key locations quickly if you are to type at a rate that is faster than 60 characters per minute. I am now free from having to ever see the keys; all I need to know is the location of home position (keys f and j on a qwerty layout) and that is easy to locate in the dark because of the little stubs. These characteristics would make this mod less beneficial to me personally than it would for a lesser skilled typist.

Being able to access all the important keys from a single hand liberates me to multitask more efficiently allowing me to do things such as: transporting the EeePC and typing simultaneously; tilt the notebook in such a way to make it more ergonomical to the typing hand; operating the mouse with my free hand and typing with the other hand simultaneously; and using my free hand to operate the backspace, delete, shift and enter keys more efficiently than if I had to stretch my fingers to reach them.

One interesting note is that the article raises is about the function keys (F1-F12). It takes me about two seconds to correctly locate a function key without looking at it. When I can see my desired key, it takes less than 0.3 seconds to target it.

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