In the US Dell has famously started offering Ubuntu on selected machines as a direct alternative to XP or Vista. Fortunately these machines cost less than their Windows counterparts and that's good, but Dell really should consider moving beyond offering Ubuntu; and here's why.

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I don't see a real reason there...

I don't see a real reason there... you still can make your own decision keeping Ubuntu or switching to something else.

I prefer having a machine that comes supporting already a Linux distro that buying one that I will not be so sure about its compatibility. Also, a bit of support is better than no support at all.

The differences between linux distributions are not that big anyway.. Why not Ubuntu?

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offering ubuntu is already enough

offering ubuntu is already enough work. all other distros will reap the benefits that will accrue from the Dell/Ubuntu pact (hardware drivers etc)

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I don't think it would hurt to offer a couple more ditros. The top five distros would be good. One of the biggest turn ons for new Linux users is the freedom to choose, and Dell should be supporting that. Ubuntu is the most popular distro, but overall, it probably doesn't account for more than 50% of Linux desktop usage. So half of Linux users are being ignored.

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