For the last couple of ubuntu versions, gnome-screensaver, which is also the gnome screen-locking program, has been using gtkbuilder .ui files for configuration; unfortunately almost all of the third-party themes (e.g. on gnome-look.org) use .glade files. Here's how to convert a .glade file to a .ui file for use with current versions of gnome-screensaver:

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Created by gurpsmad 7 years 49 weeks ago
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So, it's gnome-screensaver that perpetually causes the screen to lock on all new installs of Ubuntu!

Good, I'll make whacking that bloody screensaver my first priority on my next install!

Note to Ubuntu: Only the misbegotten son of a one-legged meercat would want his bloody screen to lock after every 0.1 seconds of inactivity! This should NEVER have been used as a default setting!