There is a lot of free software available and much of it rivals the quality of software that you have to pay good money for. Here is a list, in no particular order, of some of the best software currently available for free.

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Created by cutcross 11 years 41 weeks ago
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not free as in freedom

Google Sketchup is afaik not free as in freedom. Neither is Safari nor Opera, and at the end he even claims that Internet Explorer was free software.

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Oh the confusion!

And he thinks that free software is the opposite of software you pay for...


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Please upvote, great article on opposition

This is a great article about opposition to free software: It's interesting to see the vision of proprietary software users about software.

It seems that the advertising campaigns of companies like Microsoft and Apple are really working for the worst: Not only users can't distinguish between free (as speech) software and free (as beer) software, now users even can't distinguish between software free (as beer) and software they are paying up with the license fee, such as IE and Safari! Free as long as you have already paid for it...

Quoting the article:

"So next time you fire up Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, or even Internet Explorer, thank your lucky stars that these crucial parts of our lives are free. Browsers may be the ultimate free software."

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