The iPod is not supported officially by Apple on Linux. Why support them when there are better alternatives?

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Make iPods and alternatives even more F/OSS-friendly

Install Rockbox on them.

Of the alternatives listed in the article, the Cowon D2/D2+ and older Sansa Fuzes (the ones with the original hardware internals before SanDisk silently changed them) have Rockbox ports in the intermediate "Unstable" (but still quite usable) category.

Some of the older Sansa and Cowon models (along with many DAPs from other manufacturers) are fully supported. For example, the original hardware revisions of the e200 and c200 lines have long-standing and very well tested ports. (The newer e200v2 port is at about the same stage as the abovementioned FuzeV1 port.)

The Sansa Clip/Clip+ ports are (currently) in varying stages of not working, ranging from crashy playback to barely/not started.

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