"So we have a few great Free Software gaming engines now, like DarkPlaces used in Nexuiz, Cube 2 used in Sauerbraten, Qfusion used in Warsow, soon id Tech 4 which is used in id Software's Quake 4, Doom 3, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars along with many others, and the HPL1 engine used in Frictional Games' "Penumbra: Overture". All of these engines have some combination of normal mapping, bump mapping, and/or parallax mapping..."

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So there are

The proponents of these so-called "games" furiously deny that they have any psychological effect on their players, whatsoever.

This stands in stark opposition to what psychological experience actually shows.

The prototypes of these games were developed by the military to desensitise soldiers towards acts of killing.

They are a high-tech version of having soldiers ram their bayonets through straw dummies so they will be less squeamish about doing it to actual flesh and blood victims.

Microsoft, and others, thoughtfully adapted these brainwashing "games" for our children to use on their computers.

It is easy to see the results with the Wikileaks release of videos showing soldiers in Iraq playing just such games on unarmed civilians.

And at Columbine.

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Except I've been exsposed to

Except I've been exsposed to all sort of violent vidja games throughout my lifetime and am a complete pacifist. Same is true of everyone I know. And if someone who plays an FPS shoots everyone at their school chances are they were mentally ill to begin with.

When you buy into the "violent games are bad" moral panic you are every bit as bad as those who parrot the bogus stats touted by the MAFIAA or the anti-foss FUD spread by Microsoft.

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