OpenDomain.org is an organization that offers to provide free use of certain domain names to worthwhile open source projects. Ric Johnson, the leader of OpenDomain.org and the owner of dozens of domain names, says he has spent thousands of dollars registering those domains in order to prevent "squatters and phishers" from snapping them up. He's keeping them safe so you can have a chance to use them. However, to some people, based on Johnson's past practices, it's not clear how OpenDomain.org differs from other organizations that buy up domain names in the hopes of future gains.

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Created by paul.g.hunter 11 years 13 weeks ago
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Is he a nut?

He develops with M$ but "lacks the skills" to get into Open Source - I can believe that! Next, he buys up potential Free Software domain names and 'donates' them - especially when they sue him - it takes all kinds.

Don't give up on your day job, mate. You'll be lucky to even hang onto that if Ballmer hears about your little 'hobby'. It wouldn't be his scene at all.

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