Mandriva Linux recently announced the Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring operating system, the latest version of its Linux-on-a-USB-stick distro. The Flash sticks come with a complete, bootable version of Mandriva Linux and make it dead simple to take your Linux with you wherever you go - a huge help when you're trying to impress the babes at the beach. ("Can I show you my dongle? It's French. . . Please ignore the pasty legs.")

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Created by GadgetGeek 13 years 49 weeks ago
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"Wow" the ladies?

He hasn't clearly explained why a Mandriva flash stick would "wow" all the ladies. I wonder if he ever tried his, "Can I show you my dongle" line out with them at the beach? He'd probably end up with the Mandriva sticking out of his left ear-hole.

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