Mozilla Corp. has delayed the release candidate of Firefox 3.5 from this week ‘til next, but NBR's tests reveal it'll be worth the wait - this fox is blazingly fast.

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Even faster in GNU/Linux

If Firefox 3.5 is "blazingly fast" in a slow and cruddy OS like M$ Vista it should really fly in a proper OS like GNU/Linux.

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Mr. Psychopath

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In Vista..

While I will agree that I didn't enjoy Vista, both XP and Win7 have been great experiences for me.

Also, why do you do that with the dollar sign? It doesn't make you funny, original, or clever. If you're going to rip on companies, why not rip on consumerism in general, as it's leading to a largely self-serving society in which the mindset does not care for others. Lash out against the child labor that goes into building Macintoshes in the Far East, as some Microsoft "Detractors" merely enslaved themselves to another company.

Fight against the real problems of the world, instead of perpetuating the hatred of it.

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I'm happy you've had such positive experiences with Microsoft's decade-old XP OS and its newer Vista Mk II variant, so very many haven't.

My employment of the M$ device is hardly original, but it does, accurately, convey my complete contempt for the M$ Corporation and all similar monopolies that have existed throughout the course of history.

There is little doubt that the Microsoft Corporation has been constructed on the same principles that were followed by the great 20th century monopolist, John D Rockefeller.

John D expressed his hatred of "competition" and regarded it as "evil". John D's business was built on a culture of outright theft and legal and political manipulation.

Like John D, M$ is a card-carrying member of the Bolshevist New World Order and has established the obligatory "foundation" to ensure that no money is paid back in taxes to benefit those that supplied it.

Monopolies stifle all the innovation and progress of the human race. They even manage to create a nasty blot on the ugly face of history. Thus, my contempt.

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