Back in early June of this year, most likely scrambling to steal some of the thunder from Apple’s musical cloud offering announcement, Google had announced their own cloud-centric approach to music, which they simply called Google Music.

At the time, considering that there was no Linux client, an only barely-functional interface and muddy limitations on the framework they’d hastily set up, it was clear that this was premature. Appropriately, given the look of it, I had dismissed Google Music out of hand as a non-item.

However, in the intervening weeks, something happened. It got better.

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Created by Mr_Shifty 10 years 44 weeks ago
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10 years 44 weeks 11 hours 59 min ago


Back them up

Make sure that you have all your songs backed up to a proper hard drive before you stick them up in the clouds.

70% of major corporations can't even properly look after their own security, let alone that of their customers.


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10 years 44 weeks 11 hours 41 min ago


Yeah, Google Music is no

Yeah, Google Music is no replacement for still keeping local copies handy somewhere. :)

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10 years 43 weeks 6 days 23 hours ago


Screw google

And their invitation only flash player using US residents.

Instead take a look at e.g. http://libre.fm/ and http://www.getmiro.com/ .

ps. screw apple too.

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