Like the iPhone, Google Chrome has been embraced by most of the media with rose-tinted spectacles enhanced praise. Much of the acclaim coming before anyone had actually even used the open source browser in a real-world environment. Now that it has been put to that test, how shiny can the Chrome reputation remain?

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WebKit is far faster than Gecko

I've been playing with webkit-based browsers a lot lately and Firefox can't come close to touching webkit as far as performance or memory usage (or, rather, lack of) goes.

Webkit (I've only been playing with the demo browser in the webkit source packages) starts up instantly on my machines whereas Firefox stutters for a good 30+ seconds just starting up, and memory usage isn't even comparable. Firefox hogs 100's of MB whereas Webkit is less than half that.

I'm not normally a KDE fan, but the KDE guys got something right with their HTML rendering widget, KHTML2, which is the base for webkit.

Now that Apple (and now Google?) are taking an interest in helping to improve the engine further, I'm seriously considering making the jump to a webkit based browser and uninstalling the bloat that is Firefox.

(It obviously won't be Chrome since I don't run Windows)

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