Not only Firefox became in a relatively short amount of time the most popular web browser on Linux, but it also turned out to be the most powerful competitor to Internet Explorer on Windows, proving itself faster, more stable, more flexible and secure. Some would say Firefox is one of the most important proofs that open-source can and is actually better than closed, proprietary software. Firefox is heavily advertised by the Mozilla corporation, many Linux fans put a link to the official Firefox website on their blog or personal homepages, initiatives like SpreadFirefox.com or the Firefox Download Day, they all contribute to making Firefox so popular.

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Created by Chris7mas 9 years 49 weeks ago
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I'd say Firefox 3 is the "best among web browsers".

I wouldn't compare Opera because it's not free software. I don't care about the speed of a little proprietary browser with no developer tools.

I need the ability to engage the internet in a more interactive and with more powerful software. Most importantly, I need my software to be free. Firefox is the chosen one. Firefox will be the one to dethrone Microsoft Internet Explorer.