For a while I ignored it largely because Firefox *does* work, but it’s been quite obvious for a while that Linux is an afterthought for them. Debian fixed up a lot of the more patently Windows-centric crap including the broken Extensions manager. Their reward?

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I use Epiphany, but I use it as a secondary testing browser. Firefox is my main development browser. I also have Conkeror and Konqueror installed.

But what do you use Epiphany for? To troll against Firefox? You say that "Linux is an after-thought" Firefox developers?

Did you mean GNU and Linux? Is GNU an afterthought for you?

Where's the proof of your benchmarks of FF3 Windows binary running faster than GNU/Linux native FF3?

Beyond that, since windows is an arguably incomplete operating system without all the hooks for monitoring and controlling processes, I wouldn't care if it ran a little faster on Wine.

Firefox doesn't need to be subject to Gnome's human interface guidelines. Gnome devs do a pretty fine job, but they don't have the final word on human interfacing and they're not the only desktop environment for GNU and Linux.

Epiphany is good, and innovations can be shared among various projects.

Also the EULA of FF3 pertains mostly to respecting the trademark, IIRC. The code is available under the GNU GPLv2, so what are you crying about, exactly? That Mozilla wants to protect their corporate reputation by not allowing modified versions of the code which is released by the Firefox project to be presented as Firefox when it is not?

That's why we have trademarks so that identity can be maintained. That's why we have ice-weasel, so you don't need to worry about one entity such as Debian making changes to Firefox and then having Mozilla devs say "hey, those changes don't represent us".

It's fine for Debian to be using IceWeasel instead. It's fine for Mozilla to be conservative in what they're willing to allow to be called "Firefox".

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