The lack of malware on Linux may be about to change after a developer admitted he has developed a 'package of malware for Unix/Linux'

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The "Unethical" Buchner Johannes

What's with this so-called Buchner Johannes?

He claims that he is about to demonstrate to us that "Linux" is not as secure from malware as we think.

This is a phony premise simply because none of us think anything of the sort.

We are all very well aware that malware can easily be written for GNU/Linux and many of us take active precautions against such an eventuality.

The fact that very little of such malware has actually been written is a bonus to our security, but hardly a cause for complacency.

If the unethical Mr Johannes thinks we really need our noses rubbed in something we already know, then it is because he is doing it for one reason, and one reason only.

It is because it would please M$ immensely to be able to trumpet to the media that malware has been found in GNU/Linux and therefore GNU/Linux is no more secure than M$.

Is that what this nasty little charade is all about, Mr Johannes?

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Anyone who thinks any operating system is completely immune to malware has no idea what purpose an OS serves. If malware was impossible then using regular software would not be possible either as in both cases you're just running code.

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