Canonical made it clear from the get-go that Ubuntu 9.10 was going to pack plenty of cloud functionality for both desktops and servers. One piece of that puzzle is CouchDB, which developer Elliot Murphy was overjoyed to announce has slipped in under the wire to beat the Karmic code freeze.

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Created by dogbiter 8 years 43 weeks ago
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8 years 43 weeks 6 days 19 hours ago


Delete them!

When I install Ubuntu 9.10, I'll go straight to "search" in synaptic package manager, type in "mono" and proceed to "permanently remove" every Mono package there*.

The Mono-infected Tomboy will be first cab off the rank, so that will disable one leg leg of this suspicious CouchDB, straight away.

I will then look at deleting this Ubuntu One, and all its potential web connections, off of my computer, entirely.

I'm convinced that so-called cloud computing is an unnecessary hazard to all computer users and I definitely want no truck with it, whatsoever.

*While deleting Mono files be careful not to delete the file that refers to "monochrome" as this has nothing to do with Miguel's treacherous M$-Mono.