Utorrent has been indisputably the best Bit-Torrent client for Windows due to it's light-weight resource friendly interface and simple usability almost since the 1.5.0 release, or perhaps since even much before. When it comes to linux, selecting the "best" Bit-Torrent client has always been a n-sided affair. Bit-Torrent, Transmission and Ktorrent are some of the most popular torrent clients used across the Linux community. Azureus, which was the only reliable client for windows available before Utorrent, is also only a bit behind, mainly because it is Java-based. Other less popular clients include CTorrent, Deluge, Torrent Swapper etc. Of all only three worked comfortably on my system on PCLinuxOS Minime 2008. Somehow Bit-Torrent kept crashing and the others weren't even worth mentioning.

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My experiences differ

I currently use KTorrent, but also think Deluge is a very good up-and-coming BitTorrent client. I used to use Azureus, but found it had some rather annoying problems on Linux (may have been solved since, haven't bothered trying it again).

The fact that he terms Deluge under the "weren't even worth mentioning" banner takes a lot of the credibility away from the article for me. In terms of features, it's only just behind Azureus and ĀµTorrent, and seems quite usable to me. I only use KTorrent because I prefer Qt to GTK+.