So as I sat down to Ubuntu, I was curious about the dreaded command line. Would it would suck me into the dark swirling abyss of Geeksterism?

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Users are idiots

"On start up, it offered me a choice of interfaces (KDE, GNOME, etc.) The oddness of this struck me: isn’t Ubuntu enough? [...] I imagined the average non-technical user being confused by this. ”I’m using Ubuntu, but I have to choose a ‘desktop interface’? Why isn’t it built in, like it is with Window and Mac? And what the heck is ‘KDE’?” The Linux desktop needs to eliminate that extra choice if it wants to reach a mass audience."

And what the heck is Gnome ? seriously... Free Software is about choice. Just explain it to the user and don't hide them all the goodness of Linux

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Choice is good?

Choice is fine and dandy when the person making the choice understands the different options. When you present a user with many choices AND the user is not ready to understand the differences between them, the burden of choosing a choice is a burden that is unnecessary to their life and this could negatively impact their stress level. The way to deal with this is to either present no choices, a few choices or use some effort to train the user about the differences of each choice.

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