So there’s this whole eco-system of folk trying to make Linux look and feel like Windows XP. It’s so quaint and kind of clever I guess. Combine the robustness and open source vitality of Linux with the familiarity of the most popular version of Windows ever, and you should be onto a golden ticket.

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It can help make adoption/migration easier for some people.

Case in point: my mum agreed to try Ubuntu on her PC. She left me working on her machine while she went to do some shopping. I installed it for her and themed it like XP so that she wouldn't be uncomfortable at all. When she got home I'd finished already and was sitting watching TV. She used it for a while and then said to me "So when do you think you could install that Ubuntu thing for me". Obviously I'd done a good job!

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I see..

But then.. Why do we never hear the people who have switched from XP to Mac asking how to make Mac look like XP?

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re: I see..

People have been taught to expect that a Mac system should look and feel different to an XP system.