Over the course of a few years, and after openSUSE was launched, the relationship of openSUSE internally has been one of constant rediscovery and also lethargy. openSUSE heaveily relies on the power of the community and their votes on certain issues, features, etc. Simply put, openSUSE is democratic.

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Created by sonysuxx 11 years 28 weeks ago
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Get forked, SUSE, now!

SUSE was an honourable member of the Free Software Community before it became a pawn in the mongrel horror of the M$-Novell consortium.

If SUSE wants to retain any relevance as Free Software it must cast off the dead hand of its proprietary overlords and re-invent itself with a Free forked version.

A new name could give new life to the old project. Who knows who now owns the copyright to the SUSE name.

A great start to a new identity would be to drop-kick Mono development clean out of the whole project. That bastard scheme will forever be associated with the dark days of the Ballmer-Hovesepian conspiracy.

SUSE must be like LibreOffice and permanently give the world of proprietary software the flick.

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