Red Hat's CEO, Jim Whitehurst, spoke out strongly recently against the possibility of Linux ever taking over the desktop computers of the world.  His comments may reflect Red Hat's increasing distance from reality, but I don't think they're grounded in facts.  Here's why.

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Jim needs to re-look at that comment

All I can add is that as a long time Windows user, since DOS and Windows 1.1, that if Microsoft keep going the way it is with Windows, and looking at what my IT students at school are saying about Windows, look out Jim, you'll eat your words.

You only have to see what Adobe has finally started to realise, and what some other big name proprietry software manufacturers are doing for Linux machines to know that eventually, over time, Linux will overtake Windows for not only the desktop machines, but all portable appliences as they Linux is starting to do at the moment.

Hail Linux, mighty than Windows are thou, freeebies for all, and long live Linux....etc etc etc

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