My son who is a Linux user and advocate and I had this conversation about five years ago. I think that it was even before Microsoft and Novell struck a deal. It was pre-Vista because we thought that Microsoft’s next OS could be Linux-based. We thought that it would happen, but are still waiting. (I’m being a Devil’s advocate, so don’t take me seriously or send hate messages)
So, this is just a pretend game. What would happen if…?

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A) You have just gave a new meaning to the word "credibility"
B) Most Linux distributions are actually (GNU/Linux). If they ask you what car do you have you do not answer with who made the engine do you? So if they ask you what distro do you use you can answer with what ever name your distro have (e.g Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian). If they ask you what is XXX you answer it is a GNU/Linux distribution if that is what it is.
C) If Microsoft ever make a Microsoft Linux it will be like admitting that the software engineering practices they have been using for the past 35 where wrong. More over they will have to embrace a philosophy that they are still fighting against it today.
D) "Come on you’ve thought about it. Everybody needs money. Why not Linux? We could buy the best developers." This line is fun considering that Linux have some of the best developers.
"Not only that. We could be on the stock exchange." I think we already are see "RHT" or RedHat.
E) "Admit it. You feel left out. We are unworthy of people writing viruses and putting trojans on our computers because we use Linux. It is like never getting invited to a party." No. GNU/Linux is a party that viruses have difficulty crashing. VIP only.
F) I have more but I really can't write them. One small question....

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Ballmer and Gates and Jobs all come from a social mind-set that says, if you're not seriously, stinking rich, then you just ain't nobody.

Whatever they did was going to have that sole primary objective firmly in mind. They just happened to have an interest in computers and decided to get seriously, stinking rich conning people with computer products.

They couldn't give a tinker's cuss about freedom and stable, secure operating systems. The only freedom they respected is the freedom to make money. Serious, steaming, great piles of it.

They used monopolies, shonky legal tactics and every other dirty trick in the book to get their hands on as much filthy lucre as they could con out of the rest of the population.

They even co-operated with a freedom-hating gang of terrorists like the CIA by betraying their customers and leaving back-doors for those scoundrels to spy on them.

Back when Gates got his mugshot taken on a traffic violation, all those years ago, he was already driving a Porsche.

If someone gave me piles of money, I'd probably get a Porsche, too, but I'm not going to bow down to Mammon, like Ballmer and Gates did and deprive millions of people of their freedom just to get one.

I have just as much fun belting around in a two decade old supercharged Toyota that I got for a few thousand a decade ago.

Now, that's freedom.