Well, I did it once, after years of Linux (registered with the Linux Counter on August 26, 1996). Then I went back to… Ubuntu Jaunty, then I switched to CentOS 5.3 and have built my own extra repository Odiecolon.repo, only to end in Xubuntu Karmic, now being on Ubuntu Karmic.

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12 years 21 weeks 1 day 23 hours ago


Pauvre petit Beranger

Here's Beranger, back in fine form, whining that the idiots at Ubuntu can't get his M$ applications to work with Wine.

He even admits that he's paid for some of the Windows applications he has in his possession(???).

Didn't Beranger storm off to Windows 7 in a huff, swearing never to return to "Linux" a while back, or something similar?

If Beranger really thinks he needs XP, then he's probably right.

We'll just have to try to muddle along without him, somehow.

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12 years 20 weeks 5 days 13 hours ago


Petit? Pourquoi petit?

No, Ubuntards can't even get all the GTK+ applications work with their concoction!

When Ubuntu 9.10 was in in Beta, I've reported a GTK-induced bug in Mousepad and Leafpad -- it was fixed. Now, I'm sure that gnome-mastermind fails to behave also because of a newer GTK+.

Linuxeros, stop talking about Microsoft's bugs as long as the COMPONENTS OF THE LINUX *DESKTOP* are CONSTANTLY SCREWED!

As for the Windows apps I've paid for, you know, one still has to pay for *some* work, it's not everything like in communism!

Those applications include, but are not limited to:
-- Rybka 3 Aquarium (excellent chess program and database; works under WINE, but slower)
-- Druide Antidote RX (OK, it's multiplatform, it works with KDE3 too)
-- some CD-based dictionaries (which work under WINE, suboptimally)

OK, mea culpa to have returned to a Linux DESKTOP for a while.

The major flaw of Windows 7 is its price, not bugs, nor system requirements. I have friends who have bought a boxed Windows 7 and gained their peace of mind with Windows 7 -- truly. Because it works.

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