I have been a big supporter of Ubuntu over the last few years and I have been using Ubuntu for many, many releases. I turned several friends onto Linux using Ubuntu and one of them has been quite excited about the operating system. Over the past year or so the Linux fan boys have been pushing eye candy on Ubuntu touting it as ahead of both Microsoft and Apple's desktop operating systems. From the beginning I worried about this for a couple reasons, and I noticed beginning with the last release of Ubuntu that the distro was becoming a bit heavy. In my opinion this eye candy stuff is quickly destroying what was so great about Ubuntu.

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I love the chance to get bling

I love the chance to get bling on the desktop. It (Compiz) is installed by default in 7.10, but afaik there is nothing preventing you from uninstalling the package is there? Anyway, I had to deliberately turn on the desktop effects, and if I did not want them I need not have turned them on.

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