Am I asking for too much here to want an equally easy install experience on Linux for FOSS software as I enjoy on Windows? If Linux is ever to gain any sort of real market share in the desktop market I feel this is some thing that must happen. But maybe I am wrong.

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Bad title

Not all floss oses are like that, some provide a single install method like you would expect on windows or mac.(pc-bsd comes to mind)

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Where is the responsibility

The reason why anything in computing is easy is because somebody took the time and effort to make it easy. Firefox exists because the Mozilla team took the effort to develop it. Compiz exists because the Compiz team took the effort to develop it. Windows binaries are easy to install because the developer invested effort into making a convenient software installer. If you find that something doesn't exist or something is more trouble than it ought to be, it's due to the fact that developers haven't invested their time and effort into making something easy.

So my question is this, "is it the developer's responsibility to deliver their software so it is convenient to install and configure?". In many cases, it is not the developer's responsibility; many software is developed by volunteers in their spare time and so, they have no obligation to their users other than to deliver freedom. This would be different if you paid a professional to deliver software to you; you'd pay them money and then you can dictate how you want them to perform their services.

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