The Climate Savers Computing Initiative is on the front lines of the battle against global climate change. Their mission? To convince you that saving power is good for both Mother Earth and the bottom line. The Green Penguin chats with Pat Tiernan, Climate Savers' new executive director, to see what the future holds for this green-IT organization.

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Why we need ‘another science’

Sciences and Democracy World Forum: «...Firstly, this is an inadequate analysis of the role of science in capitalist societies, because it ignores the basic function of science in the control of nature, and the problems that this causes. Secondly, in ignoring the social shaping of science by forces other than the direct financial interest of corporations, it tends to fall into the trap identified by Darin Barney Commentary: Be Careful What You Wish For: Dilemmas of Democracy and Technology (1) : it reinforces the liberal mythology of science as objective and separate from politics. And by reinforcing that mythology it actually undermines the possibility of democratisation of science...»

(1) -- « ... Technology is political because it is, as Andrew Feenberg (1999) has written, "legislative"; because "artifacts," as Langdon Winner (1986) has taught us, "have politics"; because "code," as Lawrence Lessig (1999) says, "is law." ... »

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