"...As some of you Neuros old timers may recall, we were the first to port the Ogg Vorbis audio codec to a portable HDD audio player. Now it's time, hopefully, to do the same with the Ogg Theora video codec..."

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How is the quality on Theora these days?

Last I looked [ http://web.mit.edu/xiphmont/Public/theora/demo.html ], the quality on Theora was pretty bad (below most major codecs, and about even with H.261), has there been much improvement on this?

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Re: Theora quality

I don't know if you are trolling or if you can't read. The paper you linked to is an assessment of ALL bad things about Theora, so they can be fixed in Theora 1.1. Which they will with the new encoder under development.

Currently, quality surpasses H.261, rivals Xvid and MPEG-4 ASP, and is somewhat lacking compared to h.264, and that will remain so for 1.0, which is a stability release. Xiph is working on Theora as a format that is extremely low CPU intensive and can be ported to anything; quality concerns come later.

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That's what I wanted!

I've had fairly long discussions over video codecs before, covering Theora quite extensively, but no one's answered my questions in such a straightforward manner as that before. I had a feeling I was getting something wrong, and now I know what.

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