In a move that must surely strike at the very core of open source, FOSS, and the heart of GNU crusader Richard Stallman, SourceForge has now blocked all access from by countries on the U.S. 'Foreign Assets Control sanction list'.

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Created by davelong 9 years 38 weeks ago
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Sourceforge disgrace

It hasn't taken SourceForge long, since their first dabblings with M$ sponsorships, to become totally corrupted into the racist aggression that underlies the attitude of the entire US ruling elite.

It's interesting to note that these banned "terrorist" countries are the only ones that have refused to submit to the demands of the world's central bankers to establish their own subservient central banking system.

Iraq refused them too, and got bombed into the stone age by the banker's tame bovver boys.

Goodbye SourceForge, you've already got the stench of rotting children's bodies hanging all over you. It makes you stink too much to want to go near you, anymore!

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