I write free software. My free software has a "donate" link that goes to the PayPal donation page. The idiots at PayPal froze my account since I couldn't prove 501(c) exemption (which I don't have - and more to the point, never claimed to!) and insist that it's "illegal" to receive donations unless you're a registered non-profit with 501(c) IRS clearance. All this happened when I changed the name of the account from my name to the name of my website (because I didn't want my name on the payment page), bringing to their attention my site and PayPal account.

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Paypal is a criminal organization

How come people seem so surprised when this happens to them, don't they read the contracts? Have they never heard of these things happening before? I mean this is what you read of daily. Palpal screws everybody. This is like dealing with the mob and then whining you got ripped...

I sure hope the wonderful people at paypal have a lot of fun with all your money.

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Everyone knows it, too

Remember when eBay tried to force everyone to use it exclusively. It caused the biggest revolt eBay's ever seen.

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