"This is a great time for the Gates Foundation to embrace GNU/Linux, bringing the value of Free Software to people who might otherwise not hear its value. For the past 10 years the Gates Foundation has expanded access to technology by delivering Windows computers to public libraries. Wouldn't it be cool for the next 10 years for the Gates Foundation to deliver new GNU systems for public access use at these same libraries? ..."

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I notice that this is tagged

I notice that this is tagged humour. I fail to appreciate the humour in the opinion that the Gates Foundation should embrace GNU/Linux.

A free society needs Free Software in order to be free. Both the GNU and Linux systems are Free software. The Gates Foundation has its headquarters in Washington, USA. The USA is considered a free country. Following this set of premises, is it not reasonable to conclude that the the Gates Foundation should embrace GNU/Linux?

According to the article, the mission of the Gates Foundation is to "expand access to education and health". I've read cynical opinions that one of the purposes for the foundation is to the spread influence of Microsoft's subjugation. If the foundation truly exists with mission of spreading Microsoft influence, then I concede that it could be considered humourous for the foundation to embrace GNU/Linux. However, if the foundation truly exists to further mankind through expanding access to education and health, then embracing GNU/Linux should be considered.

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