The open-source faithful are lambasting a proposed overhaul of OpenOffice.org's user interface, with critics saying it would "ape" Microsoft Office's controversial Ribbon layout.

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This is important.

The OOo development team should know that by copying Microsoft's stuff, they are betraying Free Software by the following:

1. Proving MS's big fat lie that Free Software is weak and is only good at copying other people's technologies.

2. Placing Free Software in the shooting range of MS's IP lawsuits.

3. They are basically not making OOo an original innovative effort which will only push more people away from it.

And I personally believe that a huge petition against this is urgently needed here.

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I think you (and other people that share your view) are being overdramatic.

1. Only ignorant people would believe such an assertion as "Free Software is weak and is only good at copying other people's technologies". I say, let them be. They have a poor attitude that needs changing anyway.

2. Really? This is a strong assertion. Where is the evidence? Can you link the act of deriving inspiration from a well known program with being "in the shooting range of MS's IP lawsuits"?

3. I think people are being ignorant here. People are seeing patterns of similarity but there isn't anything concrete at the moment. Slamming the redesign simply on the toolbar redesign "is a bit unfair," McCreesh wrote in an e-mail. "Yes, one of the elements of the new design was a new toolbar, which reminded people of the Microsoft Ribbon. Not really surprising, in that using tabs like this is pretty common in UIs, e.g. on web sites."
You may be right in that more people will be pushed away from using OO.o, that sort of thing happens with major changes in any system.

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Wow, this is very surprising.

I still can't believe there are still people out there as naive as you are. (no offense)

Didn't you hear about all those threats MS keeps raising every once and then that they are about to sue Linux? Haven't you heard of the many IP lawsuits MS shoved in the faces of known Linux/FOSS-supporting companies like Tomtom? And after all that, you still come around saying we are being "overdramatic"?

You know what? Okay, if you want it that way, I am being overdramatic. Oh, and guess what? I'm proud of that.

Well, at least it's much better than being "underdramatic"!

Bottomline, copying Microsoft's technology is not, never was, and never will be of any benefit to Free Software. In fact it will only give Microsoft a chance to choke Free Software through Patents and IP, and will also give Microsoft an argument to show to other companies about the lack of original innovative thinking in Free Software, which will: a) Strengthen Microsoft's marketing edge, and b) Cripple the efforts of converting more big companies -and firms- to Free Software (in otherwords: It might severely hurt the Free Software ecosystem -turning us into mere followers -and copycats- instead of serious innovators-).

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