The article represents and irony where the open source people discuss too much about Microsoft and possible help M$ in the process

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I see your point! :-) And aren't

I see your point! :-) And aren't we all just a little guilty of loving the M$ bashing and rumour-mongering and that rejoicing feeling you get in your heart when M$ do something stupid or backwards because it makes you feel like success is just that little bit closer...

I do understand where you're coming from with this one. BUT two points in the defense of M$ submitters:

1) It's good to know what the other side is up to.

2) M$ bashing is a sort of team spirit gathering exercise where we all get to vent our spleen at a common enemy. It may even prevent some infighting in the fs movement!


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I believe the focus on MS is unnecessary.

I believe the focus on MS is unnecessary. Yes it help to know what the opposition is doing.

I believe we should focus on the general threats not specific threats to our freedom and focus more on spreading and improving Free softwares.

Those who oppose Free softwares do have lot to lose.

However it is not a good idea to attempt a radical transformation of our information economy from one that monopolize information to one that free information. Too fast would cause economic fallout, I believe.

Therefore we should continue our gradual conquest of the software world one projects at a time and develop an overarching plan so we can transit from a society that divided to a society that is one united without much chaos.]

That is the things we should focus our effort on, not MS bashing.

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We would not need to discuss M$

We would not need to discuss M$ very much if the US Department of Justice had managed to get the courts to break up the monopoly into OS and application parts. Software would be competing on its merits instead of surviving or not at the whim of a single corporation.

It looks as though the EU, Korea, and Japan may have to do that. Anti-competition laws around the world are scarcely capable of dealing with the magnitude of the problem considering the pervasiveness of IT. I believe that fines are not effective on M$. Only bans and break-up notices will do anything.

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Well said. However, I still feel

Well said.
However, I still feel that discussing about how to improve Linux will be a better course of action.
Next I'll try to collate posts where the windows equivalent software is demonstrated to work effortlessly on Linux.
The key words here are effortless and demonstrated.

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