HE GROUP set up to push the Open Document Format for Office Applications (ODF) is abandoning its support of that file format.

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"...prefers a set of specifications

"...prefers a set of specifications developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, CDF, because these have a better chance of working with Microsoft's format."

Woe is me. If that is the decision making process, then the organization really is useless.

That said, the source is the National Inquirer, which competes only with The Register for the title of most useless, least realiable, most biased news provider.

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This "foundation" may not be all

This "foundation" may not be all that they seem.


This smells like FUD. Follow the money and I bet you'll find Microsoft behind this somewhere.

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16 years 25 weeks 3 days 1 hour ago

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This article shouldn't even be

This article shouldn't even be here. It's a link to Microsoft influenced FUD that isn't worth the bandwidth. C733tus, the poster, should exercise a little editorial judgement.

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This is just fud. Quote: "the

This is just fud.
"the "Foundation"
Hi Nick,

The OpenDocument Foundation has almost nothing to do with ODF the format. This is Rob Weir's take on the "Foundation":

It seems that they chose the name deliberately to confuse the ODF format with their own company.

Who ever these "three guys and their garage" are, they almost certainly have nothing to do with ODF the documentation formation.

BTW, my newly formed Office Documentation Standards Foundation has just renounced support for all XML formats in favour of plain text.
posted by : commentator, 31 October 2007 "

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