This is the first post in a series where I examine my ten month love affair with the Linux Operating System. These posts are aimed at everyday Windows users who are curious about Linux and Open Source. If I am not precise in my explanations, please forgive me and correct me in the comments below.

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10 years 47 weeks 5 days 5 hours ago


I run my XP with admin rights and

I run my XP with admin rights and get no virus and spyware. Sorry to say but XP's usage has to be learnt as well.

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10 years 47 weeks 4 days 22 hours ago


@dehumaniser, You sure are one

@dehumaniser, You sure are one lucky guy. ;)

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10 years 47 weeks 4 days 8 hours ago


As a former user of Window XP,

As a former user of Window XP, I never got infected with a virus or spyware either but that is due to a series of defenses that I installed on my computer.

It got a spyware scanner, virus scanner, firewall, firefox, spyware immunizer, etc.

With all these programs, it can take a toll on computing resources.

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10 years 47 weeks 4 days 7 hours ago


...And they're annoying! (Not firefox,

...And they're annoying! (Not firefox, of course.) All these scans wanting to start all the time. Legitimate software getting detected as spyware. Always hassling you to update things. Getting everything configured right. Paying new license fees every year.

When I cast my mind back to the hassles of Windows, it reminds me of how lucky and grateful I am that RMS got so irritated with his Xerox printer all those years ago. :)