In April I donated $5,000 of the ad revenue from this website to an open source .NET project...I was crushingly disappointed to find out the $5,000 in grant money has been sitting in the bank for the last four months, totally unused. That's painful to hear, possibly the most painful of all outcomes. Why did we bother doing this if nothing changes?

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Created by chimera 13 years 43 weeks ago
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Hasty Generalisation

I bought a water pistol for my neighbour's boy and he didn't like it. Therefore, little boys do not like water pistols.

I setup a grant to fund an OSS project and they didn't touch a cent. Therefore, money is useless to OSS projects.

This is an example of hasty generalisation. Just because a few project failed to touch that grant money does not mean that all OSS projects in general will find that money to be useless. A better title would have been "Open Source .Net Projects Didn't Touch My Grant".

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