So, everyone keeps ranting on about how wonderful it is that Intel and ATI have open drivers and specs and how nvidia needs to get with the program and how they won't buy nvidia parts anymore.

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Computer programs don't write themselves

Nvidia's drivers work well because the programmers at Nvidia have done a good job of writing their drivers. The Intel and ATI drivers don't perform as well because the programmers behind these drivers haven't invested as much effort into their drivers. One reason why this is so may be because they their software development tools are inferior. Another reason may be because the driver writing teams are less experienced and less productive. Another reason may be because the development team size is smaller than an optimal team size and therefore, less productive compared to an optimal team size.

Whatever the reason, it still doesn't change the fact that computer programs don't write themselves. A computer program/computer system is only as good as the quality of the work invested into it. If the free drivers are lacking work in a certain area, it's probably because there hasn't been enough workers to improve it. The way to fix it is to invest a greater effort in the areas that need it.

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