This past weekend I uninstalled KDE4 from my Desktop. When I first started playing around with Linux, my first desktop was KDE 1.something. Even though it didn’t have the polish of Windows, I could see that it had a lot of potential. With KDE 3.5, I was in Desktop heaven. But

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Dog's breakfast

After the zenith of KDE 3.5, the absolute nadir of the dog's breakfast they called KDE 4 was a shattering blow to those who loved the KDE desktop. It has stayed that way, ever since.

The author is correct in his assumption that something has gone seriously wrong with the attitude of the developers. They seem to have contracted some form of terminal madness.

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I think you're too harsh

I think you're too harsh. KDE4 was always intended to be developed over multiple years. You don't rewrite something of KDE's magnitude without significant effort that would span multiple years.

So KDE4 doesn't work as well as you'd like. You could sit here and whine about how it's not working for you or you could take a more proactive approach to getting your system working. You could write and contribute some code, pay someone else to contribute code on your behalf (I highly recommend this option) or you could invest other non-programming effort into the project such as documentation help or learning to file helpful bug reports.

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Although I was too disappointed from KDE 4.0, it's my belief that with every new release since then, (the newest being 4.3.5 if am not mistaken) things only get better.
I can only hope it will continue like that.

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Well, for me it's really heavy and annoying.

I have installed KDE 4.4 release candidate on my machine, but there are two major problems that are turning my computing experience a into a living hell:

1. It's so very buggy, Plasma desktop crashes on me like 5 times a day, and what's making it even worse is that the debugging tools are not helpful at all. However, when I asked over at the IRC channel, they told me it has to do with the current version of qt, and I should upgrade to the newer version, which hasn't hit the repos. yet, so I'm gonna have to wait a little.

2. It's so friggin' heavy! I have a 1GB of RAM, but it's still very slow and sometimes it really freaks me off!

And yeah, I'm currently planning on switching to XFCE, but I'll wait a little to make sure it's as good as I hope it is.

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