The normally boring world of international standards has turned into a bloody fist fight between the most brutal monopolist of modern times, and the Community. Just the name, “Office Open XML” makes my head spin, and when I start to read Microsoft’s so-sincere explanations that “users demand multiple standards”, my blood begins to boil. But before I turn green and rip off my shirt, let me take a deep breath and look calmly at how Microsoft is trying to do to ISO what Borat wanted to do to Pamela.

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Absolutely! If Microsoft is allowed

Absolutely! If Microsoft is allowed to open up their Office file formats and make these available to third party applications and tools, it will mark the death of innovation in the industry, in th same way that the Mono project has extended Microsoft's monopoly on development tools to Linux.

As a citizen of an EU country I think the EU should act immediately to prevent Microsoft publishing and standardizing their formats, whatever the cost.

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NoOOXML.org is down.

NoOOXML.org is down.

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Try http://www.noooxml.org/ N.B.,

Try http://www.noooxml.org/
N.B., without the www it failed for me too - however you get there, please do check it out.

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