Do you still use Firefox? I am still a Firefox fan, however the latest release in the Dev channel for Google Chrome has me really excited. One of the best extensions for Firefox was one called NoScript — a really easy way to make sure browsing stays secure.

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Created by Marcin 12 years 11 weeks ago
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Chrome is good, but it can never make me ditch Firfox.

Okay, I know Chrome is pretty good, but still Firefox remains the best. How so?

Well, for a simple reason, which that I can never trust Google as much I can trust the Mozilla foundation.

Although Google seems pretty friendly to Free Software most of the time, but at the end of the day, Google is still a corporation seeking profit at any cost, even if it had negative effects on me.

Mozilla Foundation, on the other had, is non-profit. Their main goal is to provide the world with the best free (as in freedom), secure, neutral and standards-complaint Web environment they can.

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Chromium (the free variant of Google Chrome) is already free software. As a result, you don't need rely solely on Google to remain trustworthy; you already have freedom to study how Chromium works.

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Re: Chromium

It is true. However this and most of all other articles on FSDaily describe only Google-dependent Chrome unfortunately.

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