Few sites about free software attract more controversy than Boycott Novell. Founded in 2006 in response to the first Microsoft-Novell deal, as its name suggests, the site has evolved more recently into a site for commentary and investigation of any subject that might be a threat to free software.

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Not "unequipped"

"Waugh suggests that toleration is precisely what Boycott Novell and its advocates are unequipped to practice."

I like Boycott Novell precisely because they are intolerant of the duplicitous behavior of Novell since 2006.

This company sold all its Free Software mates down the river at the worst possible moment. Emergency action, to stop Ballmer's little plot succeeding, had to be undertaken immediately.

They have kept on perpetrating unfriendly acts towards the genuine Free Software Community, ever since.

Now we're being asked not to be "intolerant" towards this aberrant conduct.

"Intolerant" is one of those P Correct mysto-words that the Micro-Cult Elite Evangelical Hit Squad like to employ to confuse opposing argument.

For instance, a society which is not "intolerant" towards murder, rape, robbery, conspiracy, fraud and violent affray, isn't going to be around long.

Yet the M$-Novell management cult want us to take a mystical interpretation of the word, "intolerant", when they are doing that sort of thing to the Free Software Community.

Roy puts the "I" in showing "intolerance" towards M$BS.

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Negative article

This seems like a quite negative article, which doesn't entertain any notion that there could be legitimate concerns about the Novell/Microsoft deal.

The idea that the authors of Boycott Novell "lack life experience" seems like a rather weak ad hominem counter argument.

I don't agree with everything which gets posted on Boycott Novell, but I do think that the patent threat to continued free software development is real, and that Microsoft has the means, motive and opportunity to use patents against free developers, especially as their market share begins to wane.

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