The story of the free software desktop is littered with what-ifs and might-have-beens. The desktop has been 'good enough' for years, and can boast some considerable success stories, but has yet to make a significant breakthrough.

Inertia among users is usually given as the reason and users are made to take the blame, but perhaps there are simpler explanations. The desktop has been left in the hands of the Linux companies, and the Linux companies are many and small. Many have come with grand ambitions and some with high ideals, but few have stayed the course.

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Desktops should be simple linking areas you pass through on your way from somewhere to somewhere else. They need to be as configurable as possible, but the less you see of them, the better.

KDE and GNOME have both forgotten this. They've created resource wasteful blingmobiles that aren't properly configurable and get under your feet at every opportunity.

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