In order to determine when ‘the year of the Linux desktop’ arrives, we should look back in history and determine when ‘the year of the Windows desktop’ arrived and under what circumstances.

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Well, here's a thought: What if

Well, here's a thought: What if we (the FOSS/Linux community) MAKES 2010 the year of the Linux Desktop, rather than waiting and predicting? So we set up goals in the interest of wide-spread adoption aimed at achieving a particular service level?

what the, business strategies, employed in free market?! :) I know. I'm being presumptuous by thinking that these goals don't already exist. (if i thought of it, someone else definitely did too).

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Couldn't agree more. Shut up and

Couldn't agree more. Shut up and hack. ;-)

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The conditions for Windows to arrive

The conditions for Windows to arrive were completely diferent. I know. I worked with Aldous Pagemaker and MS Windows 2.0 and with the first version of AutoCAD 20 years ago.

Microsoft market was the low-end consumer products.
Concurrents were Xerox (expensive), Apple (expensive), SGI (even more) and others of the same kind.

Today Linux and other free OS are competing for the same market with Apple and Microsoft on one end and with others on the other end.

In high computing and mobile it seems it goes well but on the desktop consumer market is harder and it is not only due to bad mean M$.

My 16 year-old nephew wants to move away from MS Windows that he says "sucks more" and wants to move to Linux but there are two major issues: MSN and Games.

The MSN is solved but Games are a real pain.

I'm going to buy him Cedega (I know I could compile it but the price doesn't deserve the effort) so he can happely move away. But first we are going to try to compile it on Ubuntu... hopping all goes well and we may start to have a builder there :)

This move on the youngest generations could give us more than a big ad promotion or big business plans.

In a near future, when his friends went to his house and play Silk Road (http://www.silkroadonline.net/) on his Gnome desktop I think I will be requested to make some more (at least) dual boots around here and this will be the real thing that will push things forward.

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